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Media auditing

Print media auditing: Newspapers and Magazines

We send each day — including holidays and weekends — all the articles referring to your company, products, brands and all the information required to develop your business, such as:

● Competitors’ activity: launches, news, promotions, alliances, etc.

● Article clipping and mentions in the media.

● News from the labor world

● Government regulations

● Complaints and claims from consumers

● Business opportunities

● News on prospects

● Your company’s reputation on social networks

● Information about local and regional market, sectors and industries


We monitor more than 50,000 information sources, including print newspapers and magazines, news portals, forums and websites from the following countries:

● Brasil
● Mexico
● Colombia
● Peru
● Venezuela
● Paraguay
● Uruguay
● Bolivia
● Ecuador
● Centroamerica & Caribean

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Facebook Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Social Networks have substantially changed the relationship of companies with their clients and consumers. Fan groups are created on a daily basis, which criticize or support products, promotions, launches and other efforts carried out by the organization. Our missions is disclosing such information so that our clients are able to take part in the conversation, clarifying situations, giving feedback or assisting their clients in specific claims.

Taking into consideration this new reality, Reporte Informativo presents a new service – FACEBOOK MONITORING, an indispensable tool to be aware of opinions and comments that may affect the reputation of companies, their brands and products.

Blog Monitoring identifies those influential Bloggers who write and comment on the company’s products and brands, the industry, competitors and other issues of interest. Then they are daily monitored and clients are updated on what is published in the Blogsphere.


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Blogs Monitoring

News and Ads Archive

Reporte Informativo’s clients have exclusive access to our historic news and ads archive, with more than 70 million clips monitored since 1996 up to the present.

Any news related to companies, brands, products, ads, executives, businessmen and any information associated with markets and businesses is available in our databank.

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Press Analysis

Media Positioning – Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis

We determine the positioning of your company and your competitors in the media. We analyze all the news and ads published during given month, determining how consumers valued your company and the competition, comparing: investment in advertising, negative and positive articles, interviews to leading executives and cm2 published, among other variables. This information is used to monitor your company’s marketing plans, communication and advertising actions. We also assess your online reputation on Social Networks.

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News Releases


News Releases is an innovating platform to distribute text and multimedia content that we design and produce according to our clients’ communicational purposes.

This creates a direct and interactive communication channel. It also optimizes internal and external communication.

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RI Webcast

Reporte Informativo has developed an innovating platform to distribute News Releases among reporters and opinion leaders. Its major features include:

● It is able to distribute texts and videos.

● Videos are played in reporters’ PCs through video-mail.

● Reporters are also able to download contents to their mobile phones or MP3/MP4 players, of any brand and model, such as Blackberry, Palm, and iPAQ, among others.

It includes a special feature to synchronize audio y video in iPod and iPhone

● Hard copy material may be attached – PPT, PDF, etc. – to complete the press release that is sent.

It allows reporters to post comments or questions about the press release that he/she is viewing or reading, thus fostering a direct communication with the Company.

● Lastly, the Company has different charts that allow it to assess the result of its outreach campaign: How many reporters have viewed the press release, who many of them viewed the video, whether said video was fully viewed or only partly viewed, the number of times that the attached material was downloaded (PPT, PDF).

Reporte Informativo will also be responsible for the whole filming, edition, art, distribution and hosting processes, in order to provide a comprehensive solution and a competitive price.

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